10 Tips To Flying With Your Dog

10 Tips To Flying With Your Dog

As part of a business trip, vacation or for family reasons, you are obliged to travel abroad but you do not want to leave your dog alone? You will have to prepare because a plane trip with a dog requires the respect of many rules.

Inquire at the airline

The first reflex to have is to contact the airline to know the conditions of transport of a pet. In principle, when the dog weighs no more than 4 kg, he is admitted to the cabin. Beyond that, it will have to be installed in a transport crate and will travel in the cargo hold. Make sure this part of the plane is heated or ventilated to keep your dog as comfortable as possible.

Bring the right documents

Do not consider a trip with your pet without planning the various administrative documents. Already, does it have a chip or an identification tattoo? If this is not the case, go to the vet to ask one. The latter will give you a certificate of identification that records the dog’s name, its particularities and your contact information. This done, make the mandatory vaccines including the one against rabies. Many countries do not allow unvaccinated dogs to enter this territory. A health book will be given later. Last but not least: the European passport that will allow your dog to travel outside the borders of the country.

Equip yourself well

Large dogs traveling in the hold will be placed in transport crates. These will have to comply with the IATA standard, imposed by the airlines. For the comfort of the animal, the cage must allow him to make U-turns and get up. It must be big enough.

Accustom doggie to the transport crate

It’s another pair of sleeves. You must make sure that he is not scared by this big metal cage. Pick up the crate several weeks ahead and then leave it in the house, at the sight of your pet. Put his pillow, his toys or his blanket so that he wants to enter it. Gradually, close and open the door to get used to it and not to consider being locked in this cage as a traumatic experience.

Use a sedative or not?

To calm it down, you may want to consider a sedative or a sedative. But always seek advice from your veterinarian beforehand. It happens that the altitude pressure coupled with the drug causes heart or respiratory problems.

Attention to stopovers

Stopovers are not very recommended when traveling with a dog. But if you have no other choice, make sure that your doggie can be welcomed in the second plane.

No meal too rich

To avoid defecating too much or even vomiting, avoid giving too much food to the dog before you leave.

Take a mutual

Unfortunately, accidents are not uncommon when traveling with dogs. Runaways, deaths and health problems are real mishaps for the owners. It is therefore advisable to take insurance to prevent these possible problems.

Races that must not travel

There are certain breeds that must never flying, because they have breathing problems that can get worse because of the lack of oxygen due to altitude. This is the case for Chow-chow, Boxer, Bulldog, Boston Terrier or Pekingese.

At the arrival

You must prepare for your dog to vomit or defecate during the trip. Provide cleaning equipment to wash on arrival.

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