An Ohio Judge Punishes Animal Abusers with Unusual Sentences

An Ohio judge with compassion for animals has become fed up with animal abusers and their repeated offenses.

As a result, he’s handing down some controversial sentences to these abusers. These sentences have earned him both criticism and praise.

In Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti has developed a reputation for passing unusual and creative sentences to convicted offenders in his court. Out of all the criminal cases he presides over, the crimes involving animal abuse upset him the most.

Source: IHeartDogs/Judge Mike Cicconetti

There seems to be a frequent pattern of people abusing and neglecting animals in Painesville.

Judge Cicconetti loves animals, so the increase in animal abuse cases are making him beyond irritated.

He realized that jail time does not deter repeat offenders from committing these heinous acts against animals again. It got to the point when the judge decided to come up with a new form of punishment.

Judge Cicconetti started making these offenders experience the same hardship that they put their animals under. For instance, one woman was charged with neglecting her dog by making him live in a filthy environment.

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  1. I applaud this judge and pray that every judge in these United States will take Judge Mike’s same approach or issue them long term jail. Period.

  2. Thank God person in a position of power willing to do what it takes to start dealing with the horrific and ever increasing epidemic of animal abuse we need to hear more stories like this to know that we are actually win in a fight instead of seeing endless horrific pictures of animal abuse stores like this show that we are winning we are making a difference and we need more stories like this to keep us going keep fighting the good fight

  3. I am SO glad that there is a judge who has the good sense and smarts to be willing to do the right thing. I applaud his actions and hope a register can be created for offenders and other states will adopt it.

  4. Finally these people that,do these horrific thing to animals are getting what they truly deserve! Period! All judges across this country should follow in his footsteps!

  5. Thank u for doing this.i have adopted three dogs in my life that were abused from the origional of the dogs I adopted in the past was a pekinesee with a broken back leg.she was abused by origional owner throwing her down steps when she was a baby all because she peed on their carpet.years later I got her and raised her .had her for 7 years of her life until she had to be put down due to age.

  6. When I read this I jumped for JOY(tears flowing my face) I was so happy finally the JUDGE decide to do something about it… Enuff is Enuff I hate evil people who are ABUSIVE to animals its time for them taste the medicines indeed & amen… Thank u Judge for taking this actions & I know DOGS will appreciated with ur help… U are our HERO again thank u… Yayyyyyyyyy finally at last(with my tears flowing on my face/so happy) that is good news again, thank u Judge 🙂

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