Dog Living At A Garbage Dump Begged People To Take Him Home But No One Would

RWB wish they could rehome all the dogs but they don’t have the resources. For now, they focus on puppies and senior dogs who have a harder time surviving the harsh conditions.

Hercules fell into the other category. He wasn’t a puppy and he wasn’t a senior. He was also strong and doing better than most considering where he was living. But Hercules wanted to leave. He desperately wanted a home. He would run to the volunteers’ vehicles and tried to hop inside.

“This dog wanted out so badly,” Cunefare said. “You could see it in his eyes.”

Cunefare had never been to the dump herself. She resides in Illinois but has already taken in one of the landfill dogs, named Dudas, a 10-year-old dog who lived there for at least 5 years!

“She’s an old lady,” Cunefare said. “She’s 143 pounds, and she’s a big old mama. I wanted to adopt an older one because I’d felt like she’d fought so hard to survive.”

RWB knew that Hercules would thrive with Cunefare but were afraid to ask her to do so since Dudas had a lot of challenges of her own. Plus, Cunefare took in another senior landfill pup named King Artur.

“Gocke had contacted my friend,” Cunefare said. “She’d said that she was afraid to ask me, but she wanted to know if she could send me Hercules, because since Dudas had left, he was not doing very well.” click open or arrow to see more.

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