Dog On ‘Kill List’ Saved At The Last Minute And Hugs His Rescuer On The Way To Freedom

Source: Schenley Hutson Kirk/Facebook

Joe usually transports his rescues in crates. But since Gregory had been caged for so long, Joe just let him lounge in the backseat of his car. Halfway through his freedom ride, Gregory finally realized that he had escaped the kill-list and is safe. In a sweet moment, the grateful pup reaches out to Joe and snuggles up to him to express his love!

Source: Schenley Hutson Kirk/Facebook

Joe was so overwhelmed that he decided to take photos of Gregory’s sweet gesture and post them to his page. The pictures soon went viral and people lined up to adopt this joyful darling. Currently, Gregory is still receiving his treatments and will move to his forever home once he is medically cleared. Spread his story and help him find a home!

Click open or arrow to watch vedio the sweet and thankful Gregory’s incredibly uplifting journey!

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