LOOK : Dog Tied, Beaten Up & Left To Die In Dumpster, $20000 Reward Set For Any Info

Dog Tied, Beaten Up & Left To Die In Dumpster

A 1-year-old Maltipoo-Terrier mix named Chloe was found buried in a heap of garbage in a dumpster in Long Beach, California. She was tied up & beaten to a pulp, covered in urine, and then left to die a slow death in the dumpster.

Source: FOX31 KDVR

A passerby followed Chloe’s sounds of distress and rescued her. She was taken to the hospital, where she was fighting for life due to a skull fracture, brain swelling and multiple rib fractures. She was taken into surgery to fix her broken femur leg with a titanium plate.

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  1. God bless that judge. I wish there were more judges like him. It’s only cowards that abuse animals a n.v d it needs to be addressed alot more. Thank you for careing.

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