How To Choose A Puppy From A Litter

Choose A Puppy From A Litter

Choose a puppy is not always easy. Indeed, all dogs as adults do not have the same needs, the same character, or just the same physique. It is therefore important to make a good choice, first of all according to our way of life, but also according to what we are looking for, for example a rather active dog with whom to run, or on the contrary a dog rather calm and posed with to spend relaxing moments at home.

Basic criteria before adopting a puppy

Before deciding which puppy to choose, it is important to visit the farm or the person giving you the animal, to check that certain basic criteria are respected:

  • the puppy must be at least eight weeks old, the legal age from which it will be considered completely weaned, ie independent. He will no longer need his mother, and will be ready to live his life. If, on the other hand, the puppy is too young, it is better to be patient and leave it with his mother for as long as it takes. A dog removed too early from his mother can, as an adult, develop behavioral problems.
  • the puppy will have to be identified. There are two possible methods of identification: the tattoo or the microchip. The most common nowadays will be microchip identification, but tattooing remains a legal method.
  • the puppy, from the age of eight weeks, can receive his first vaccines. The person giving you the puppy is not obliged to have them done himself, but it will be necessary to keep you informed of their implementation to, if necessary, make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as possible at the time of adoption of the dog to have them done.

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