How to Know That Your Dog Is in Heat

How to Know That Your Dog Is in Heat

If your pet is a dog, you must be prepared to handle certain times when it will manifest the need to reproduce. It is therefore important to know how to recognize these periods and when they will be triggered, to be able to manage certain changes of behavior so as not to be surprised by a pregnancy that you did not expect.

What are the heats of the bitch?

The heats are moments that occur from the maturity of the bitch usually twice a year: each time, for about three weeks, your dog will feel the need for mating, and therefore reproduction.

Finally, it is important to know that menopause does not exist in dogs, so your dog will be able to reproduce from maturity to death; even a very old bitch can still give birth.

When does the first heat of the dog begin?

The age at which the first heat occurs depends on the breed, or especially the weight of your animal. Thus, the small bitches (Jack Russel, Yorkshire, etc.) are those in which the heat occurs the earliest, namely between five and eight months.

In medium-sized bitches (Australian Shepherd type, Beagle, etc.), the first heat can begin over a large period of time ranging from eight months to 18 months of the animal.

Big bitches like them have early first heat, which can occur between 10 and 18 months.

Finally, know that it is better to wait two and a half or even three years to let his dog reproduce. Younger, even if they feel the need, their uterus is not always ready to accommodate a litter of puppies, and the bitch may suffer consequences later.

How to spot the heat?

The first physical sign that can be noticed when a dog is in a period of heat is that her vulva is swollen. We can also notice sometimes flows out of the latter, sometimes with a little bit of blood (no reason to panic for the blood, it’s quite normal).

In terms of behavior, the dog will be very “lazy”, she will spend most of her time sleeping, and will have no more or very little desire to play, even if it is a natural active and player.

To be really sure that your dog has its heat, the best option is to make him meet a male. She will then be very interested in him and want to sniff her anus and sex, with the tail in the air.

If she agrees to be impregnated, she will lower the front of her body, tail in the air and rump tense. If it does not, it will violently repel the male by barking, grunting, and fighting if necessary.

It’s up to you to let it breed or not with the male. If you plan to have someone keep it or even leave it on board during a holiday during a heat, it is very important that you warn the person or persons concerned so that they can act accordingly.

How to behave as a master during periods of heat?

At home, no need to change behavior towards your dog. It is during the walks that you will have to be attentive, because the behavior of your bitch towards the males will change. As said above, she will be interested and will not always listen to your orders when you give her one. Do not get mad about her any more than she needs, it’s a natural time for her.

When to meet with males, everything depends on your choice. Either you want him to make a litter (as a reminder, better to wait two and a half years or three years for his good), and in this case, you will simply let nature when she meets a male who is satisfied, on the contrary you do not want to make it happen again and in this case it may be necessary to attach it when you cross dogs, or at least be very careful and be ready to separate if it decides to stretch his rump .

You now know how to spot the heats of your dog, from when they can occur, and especially how to act accordingly. Be patient with her during these times. It is normal that his behavior can be difficult during the heat. And if you can not manage these periods, remember that sterilization is a possibility.

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