Newborn Pygmy Goat Thinks German Shepherd Is Her Mama, Won’t Leave The Dog’s Side

Shadow is a German Shepherd dog who is exceptionally kind and gentle toward every animal. But her family had no idea that their sweet pooch would fall so hard for a newborn Pygmy goat and adopt her so whole-heartedly!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Pygmy goats are a breed of miniature domestic goats. So naturally, they are armed with a heart-melting cuteness that can win over anyone. When Shadow saw the baby goat for the first time, she was overcome by her motherly instincts. With her protective gestures, she immediately made it known to her family that she will be the one to raise the goat!

The baby goat was equally thrilled to see Shadow. She even thought that the white-coated dog was her mommy! She snuggled up to Shadow, while Shadow licked and kissed her with love. Since that day, Shadow has always been beside the goat like a shadow! Click open or arrow to see more.

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