Sad Dog Gets Dumped At The Pier And Waited All Alone For Months For His Dad’s Return

A picture of a dog staring across a river in Bangkok, Thailand, has been making waves on the internet. This dog has been waiting at the pier for months, after she fell off a boat that she shared with her owner.

Source: MY DOGS/YouTube

According to the locals, the dog has been scavenging food from the garbage and sleeping in corners, but she absolutely refuses to leave the area. Many strangers feed her and pet her as she routinely waits by the river in hopes of seeing her owner again.

But, even after the story went viral on social media, the dog’s owner still didn’t turn up. As weeks flew by, the dog started growing weaker. The hopelessness got to. . Click Next or Arrow Button to See More


  1. Dogs are very loyal. Asian ppl and others have a horrible reputation in caring for man’s best friend. They kill them for their meat, fur, skin, and more. If I could rescue every dog and other from their murderers I would. We must all find a way to rescue them from these insane acts.

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