LOOK: Sick Dog With Horrible Mange Found In Dumpster

Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue (MMAR) took the sick dog in and named him Ralph. They started to treat his mange and offered him nutritious food. It broke the heart of Heather Hernandez from MMAR to see this sweet dog in such poor shape. The rescue posted on their Facebook page, “We are completely and utterly heartbroken. His new life starts now.”

She told KFOR, “Somebody wrapped him in some kind of gauze and then went out of their way to throw him in the trash, like a piece of garbage.”

Photos: Facebook/Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society

A vet examined Ralph and the rescue posted the results, “His bloodwork was a complete disaster and obviously his body is riddled with tons of parasites and worms. His calcium levels are off the charts, our vet believes from having to eat garbage for who knows how long.”

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