Top 10 Best Guard Dogs to Own for 2019

These breeds are very protective of their masters, but also very dissuasive. Guard dogs are very popular with families: they find a reassuring side. However, it is important to train your dog so that he knows the difference between an attacker or someone around you.

Keeping your dog a good watchdog can take time, require you to be disciplined and have some skills. The dog must not have the role of the protector, but must have a real place in your home.

10- The Belgian Shepherd

Berger Belge Malinois top 10 chien de garde
© Flickr – Ana Fuentes

A formidable companion dog and born guardian, the Belgian Shepherd is divided into four distinct varieties, particularly the length, appearance and colors of the hair: Tervuerens, Malinois, Groenendaels and Laekenois. The Malinois is the most popular French in 2014 with 8096 births out of a total of 10306 for all varieties of the Belgian Shepherd. Lively, vigilant and intelligent, the Belgian Shepherd is an excellent watchdog and defense used by the police and the army which is very suitable for the rather dynamic families because it is a dog which needs a lot of exercise and who is very player. Besides, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois excels in Agility.

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