If your dog is the type to ride anything that moves (or even that which does not move), going through your leg, a dog of the same sex and even a cushion, do not panic! Although this excessive behavior can sometimes be a problem on a daily basis, there are solutions to channel it. Here are which!

Note that engaging in such intense sexual behavior is not always linked to sexual urges. This can therefore affect both males and females.

Indeed, it can be a way for your dog to overcome boredom and lack of stimulation. But also to react to a situation of stress or excitement. And when he rides other dogs, it can be a way of asserting his dominance or it can also be considered a game.

Finally, remember to check that he has no medical problem that could cause him to do so (urinary tract infection, hormonal dysfunction, skin allergy, priapism …).


Sterilization can be a solution to combat the obvious sexual behavior of your dog. Especially if it makes it particularly territorial and therefore aggressive with other dogs.

However, it is essential that sterilization be performed when the animal is still young. Indeed, such sexual behavior can be rooted in an older dog. The latter then practices it more out of habit than out of wanting to reproduce.


If your dog is unmanageable when he sees a bitch in heat or any other element likely to make him want to ride it, you will have to learn to master it. It may take time, but it is an absolutely necessary step to make life with him more enjoyable.

For that, you will have to work on obedience on a daily basis, until your dog is fully educated and responds to the least of your orders. The simplest is to opt for a positive education and distract your dog with a toy while giving him a basic order when he begins to ride a human, an object or an animal.

For example, repeat the word “stop” as soon as your dog starts to adopt this behavior. Then make sure to shift your attention to a toy or treat. If he succeeds, congratulate him. As time goes by, he will associate this word with stopping this behavior.

If you think you can not do it alone, do not hesitate to ask a canine educator. You can also go to the closest dog club in your area.

Physical exercise

If riding anything and everything is related to your dog’s excitement, then it is strongly recommended that he exercise daily and long enough to calm him down.

In fact, getting your dog to do sport may moderate his sexual behavior. Not only because he will be too tired to indulge in it, but also because he has been stimulated in another way.


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